How We Do It

How We Do It

Cycling is an exciting way to experience Mongolia. When on a bike you have the same pace as that of local nomads whose lifestyle has not changed much for many hundreds of years. It also helps you feel and appreciate the pristine natural environment and true wilderness. 

Our bike tours provide a professional support routine which we have perfected over many years. You will be accompanied by expert guides, bike mechanics, drivers, and cooks; all equipped with modern outdoor equipment made for the wilderness conditions of Mongolia. 

Cycling routes are carefully designed and tested to allow steady acclimatization and an equal amount of ascents and descents. Every pass is a viewpoint of spectacular landscapes or local life scenery. Cycling surfaces are dominated by packed soils with occasional grave sections and rocky portions near the high passes. Itineraries include a number of river crossings with the water level reaching your hip at its highest.

Cycling in pristine natural areas off the beaten track requires staying in tent camps that are moved every day. However, a couple of nights in seasonal resorts comprised of traditional felt-covered gers/yurts are included giving you a chance to enjoy the relative comforts of a conventional hotel.

A predominantly western type menu also includes a number of Mongolian and Asian dishes. Menu choice depends on guests’ preferences as well as weather conditions.

As part of the tour package, we provide front suspension, 27.5 inch, 30 speed Giant XTC-800-860 mountain bikes. The come in various sizes:  14.5” = XS, 16” = S, 18” = M, 20” = L, 22” = XL

Invariably, you will be accompanied by 4WD support vehicles designed to carry bikes as well as passengers. Their permanent presence allows you to take a lift in case of adverse weather and fatigue.