About Us

Cycle Mongolia is a travel brand of Mongolia Trekking Ltd, dedicated to cycle tours in Mongolia. Cycle Mongolia consists of seasoned professionals who believe that mountain biking is a fun and healthy way of experiencing Mongolia’s great outdoors and the fascinating culture of nomadic herders. We love sharing knowledge and friendship with fellow travelers and appreciate tourism’s benefits for Mongolia and its people. But it’s not only guides but also cooks, drivers, and other travel personnel who work at different levels of organization of your mountain biking and cycling adventures in Mongolia.

Such additional backgrounds come as a wealth of knowledge and expertise to be shared with overseas guests, an experience that adds dimension and depth to your understanding of Mongolians and their culture. We are proud to be the organizing partner of Mongolia Bike Challenge, an annual mountain biking race launched in 2010. 108 athletes from all over the world compete in this multi-stage endurance race every year. The strict seasonality of travel in Mongolia requires bi-employment, meaning that almost everyone working in Cycle Mongolia has a second occupation which can be teachin, nursing, doctoring, writing, or even herding.

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