Gobi Desert Cycling Tour - 7 days

Gobi Desert Cycling Tour - 7 days

  • Duration:
    7 days
  • Price:
    1603 $
  • Group Size:
    4 - 12 persons
  • Difficulty Rating:


A cycling exploration of the Gobi desert via a unique route that allows you avoid extreme heat, dust storms and loose soils – the usual conditions that prevail here. Gobi’s awe-inspiring immensity is felt even more vividly when you are on a bike and its rugged beauty is starker. Visit a world-renowned dinosaur fossil site and the country’s largest sand dunes. Enjoy relaxing nights in luxurious ger hotels.

  • Enjoy stark beauty of Gobi landscapes
  • Take a well-optimized cycling route
  • Visit Flaming Cliffs, the world-renowned dinosaur fossil site
  • Climb Mongolia’s highest dunes
  • Relish the joy of riding good mountain bikes
  • 4 nights of glamping in traditional nomadic tents
  • 1 night of camping in pristine wilderness
Map-Gobi Desert Cycling Tour - 7 days
Gobi Desert Cycling Tour - 7 days


  • Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and tour briefing at welcome dinner

    Upon arrival to the Mongolian capital you will be transferred to a centrally located hotel. Time permitting you may consider exploring the downtown city and feel the atmosphere of vibrant changes of recent years. Meet with the rest of the group at welcome dinner and get an informal introduction to the great cycling adventure ahead of you. Overnight at the hotel.

    • Dinner
    • Hotel
  • Fly to Gobi desert and cycle to Flaming Red Cliffs

    Take a brief flight to the Gobi, the boundless desert comprised of arid plains, rugged mountain chains and towering sand dunes. It is the 3th largest desert on Earth covering third of the Mongolia’s territory and with another half of it located in China. Having fine-tuned the bikes, we start the cycling adventure straight from the desert airport. Right away you will be absorbed by the immense desert where only wandering camels, an occasional goat herd and dancing mirages come across your way. Since it’s a warm up day the ride will finish by early evening and we settle in a cozy hotel comprised of traditional Mongolian yurts commonly known as yurt camps. We then take an excursion to Flaming Red Cliffs, a paleontology site renowned for the earliest unearthing of dinosaur eggs by American explorers in 1920-ies alongside hitherto unknown dinosaur species and fossilized mammals that co-existed with the early reptiles. On reaching the cliffs that contrastingly stand out of the infinite plain, we absorb the stark beauty of the dramatic landscape.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Yurt camp
    • 50km
  • Cycle to Dundus valley

    Riding today is a bit more challenging as we cycle along the inner of the Gurvan Saikhan mountain range used as summer grazing ground by local herders due to its elevation and better ventilation. Riding surface is predominantly smooth although some brief sandy portions are to be negotiated. Occasionally you will see their large flocks of goats, sheep and even horses as well as nomadic tents; a life style that seemingly has not changed for many hundreds of years. At the end of the day you will find yourself at a spectacular campsite with rocks formations of weird shapes and softly lit mountain folds in the background. A comfortable tent camp providing all amenities of a good wilderness camp will be erected here including tents designated for dining, showering and bathrooms, not to mention great meals cooked by a chef.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Tent
    • 69km
  • Ride to Khongoryn dunes

    We start the day by struggling along a 3km dry river filled river bed filled with loose gravel. Once clear through the challenge we cycle across several undulating hills on smooth packed surfaces enjoying dramatic landscapes of rift valleys, rugged ridges and colorful geological formations. This is when Khongoriin Els Sand dunes come in to our view. They stretch for almost 100km and measure anything from 3 to 15km in width. From the foothill to the crest of the highest dunes is a good 200 meters. Local people refer to them as to the “Singing Dunes” due to aeolian sounds heard on windy days. Here we load bikes and drive to a yurt resort by the dunes and later when the heat subsides we take an excursion to the dunes. Climbing the highest dune is a “ritual” that will allow you feel the immensity of the desert and see bird-eye views of the dunes and rugged ridges. Desert landscapes are especially beautiful in the evening light. After days of camping we enjoy a night in comfortable yurts.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Yurt camp
    • 35km
  • Camel riding excursion

    This morning we take a chance to ride camels along the massive dunes. Compared to dromedaries the Mongolian “ship” of the desert are stockier and have 2 humps. Known as the Bactrian camels they are named after a historic region in Central Asia. We also use the opportunity to visit a yurt of a camel breeder and learn about how people survive in the harsh desert environment. We then travel along the Gurvan Saikhan mountain and sleep in a yurt camp no far from the desert airport.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Yurt camp
  • Return flight to Ulaanbaatar

    Take a brief flight back to Ulaanbaatar and use the rest of the day by taking optional visits to city sights, shopping or exploring lively vibes of the bustling city. At a good-bye dinner in a traditional Mongolian restaurant you will be able to taste some of the incredible treats Mongolian cuisine has to offer.

    • Breakfast, dinner
    • Hotel
  • Departure transfer

    You will be transferred to Chinggis Khaan International Airport for your return home.

    • Breakfast


Adriano S
Adriano S

When I've decided to go to Mongolia I couldn't imagine that I would have spent one of the most amazing experience of my life!
A gorgeous nature and - not secondary - a fantastic team of people that made this tour extraordinary.
I want to say thank you to the boss Batbayar, but also to Temuulen and all the Mongolia trekking guys that proved to be serious professionist and very nice people always ready to help you when you needed it and to joke to keep the mood light, serene and fun!
If you plan to go to Mongolia contact Mongolia trekking they will surprise you!
Thank you Batbayar!

Wolfgang pfafl, Germany
Wolfgang pfafl, Germany

We had an incredible trip on our MTB-Bikes with Bat Bayar as our guide.
He is very knowlegible about the history, the customs and the secrets of Mongolia.
He has organized an excellent team of specialists: the drivers, the cooks, the bicycle mechanic and the all around service to prepare the camps.
If you want to see the prooves, go to youTube and look for #club fred #quest for mongolian medal ..... and enjoy your time with Bat!