Central Mongolian Multi-activity Tour: Cycling, Trekking, Horseback riding - 14 days

Central Mongolian Multi-activity Tour: Cycling, Trekking, Horseback riding - 14 days

  • Duration:
    14 days
  • Price:
    3,272 $
  • Group Size:
  • Difficulty Rating:


This multi-activity tours is an authentic Mongolian experience, blending history, culture, and the thrill of outdoor pursuits in the landscapes of the pristine beauty of the 8 Lakes Valley and Orkhon Valley. Cycle through the breathtaking landscapes, feeling the wind whisper through the vast grasslands, lace up your hiking boots for trekking amidst the lush valleys and rolling hills, and then saddle up for an unforgettable horseback riding adventure, traversing the undulating terrains and meandering rivers of the Orkhon Valley. Immerse yourself in the nomadic way of life, meeting local herders, and witness the stunning landscapes come alive.

  • Take a well-planned and tested cycling, horse riding and hiking route
  • Explore diverse landscapes
  • Enjoy camping in tranquil natural locations
  • Insightful experience of nomadic culture
  • Visit Karakorum, the medieval capital of Genghis Khan
Map-Central Mongolian Multi-activity Tour: Cycling, Trekking, Horseback riding - 14 days
Central Mongolian Multi-activity Tour: Cycling, Trekking, Horseback riding - 14 days


  • Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

    On arrival at Ulaanbaatar airport, you will be transferred to a 4* hotel in the city center. In the evening, you are invited to a welcome dinner. Your guide will brief you about upcoming Mongolian journey

    • Dinner
    • Hotel
  • Travel to Khugnu Khan Natural Reserve, hike to monastery ruins

    This morning we will start our journey and drive across the southern folds of the Khangai range to Khugnu Khan Nature reserve, a spectacular area comprised of sand dunes, rock formations and majestic mountains. Optionally ride a two humped Bactrian camel through the dunes. Then we hike to explore a mysterious Buddhist temple ruins in a secluded valley. We settle in a cozy ger resort in the evening

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Ger Camp
  • 2 days of Cycling Journey in Khangai Mountain Range – Destination Shireet Lake

    2-hour car transfer brings us to foothills of the Khangai mountain range where we start riding after a snack break. It is an easy incline across grassy valleys. A few homes of nomadic herders and their enormous herds will come in to your view this afternoon. Always curious about bike travelers, they may abandon their daily chores and come to greet and wave you. The whole route follows the least travelled and hidden corners of the range. It’s truly delightful to see beautiful landscapes change every single day. Next few nights on this trip, you will sleep in a comfortable tent camp erected every afternoon upon finishing the day’s activity. It provides all amenities of a good wilderness camp including tents designated for dining, showering and bathrooms, not to mention great meals cooked by a chef. After 2 days of cycling, we arrive at the Shireet Lake the largest and most picturesque of the lake in the 8 Lakes Valley

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Tent
  • 2 days trek in the 8 Lakes Valley

    This morning we start trekking along Shireet Lake which is a secluded mountain bowl with lush meadows and wooded slopes reflecting in the famous lake – a truly idyllic scenery. Here, we meet our horse guide and for next 2 days, we hike in the valley and our food and gear will be carried by pack horses as vehicles cannot access beyond this point. Now completely isolated from the civilization, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of true wilderness

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Tent
  • First day of horseback riding to our horse guide’s home

    We saddle up our horses and start our equestrian journey in 8 Lakes Valley. The horses will noticeably quicken their pace feeling the vicinity of their home. This is where our riding guide lives. We visit his home and enjoy the hospitality of his family, where you will be offered dairy, fermented mares’ milk, and other local produce. Tonight, we settle in a modest yet comfy ger next to horseman’s family at the days end

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Nomadic Host Family
  • 2 more days of horseback riding in the Orkhon Valley. Visit Orkhon Waterfall

    For next 2 days, we will be riding across the Orkhon valley covered with lava crust – a result of an ancient volcanic eruption. The landscape is a combination of picturesque mountains, dense forests and crystal-clear streams. Like thousands of years ago Mongolian nomads peacefully live here with their abundant livestock. The terrain of the valley allows cantering, galloping and even racing. On the first day, we visit the Orkhon waterfall, a cascade of water falling from 22 meters. Then we continue and settle in a ger camp. After days of camping, the comforts of a ger camp including a bed and a warm shower will especially be appreciated. The following day, we continue riding in the valley until we reach the base of Shiveet Ulaan Mountain which concludes our riding journey and say goodbyes to our horse guide

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Day 8 - Ger Camp, Day 9 - Tent
  • Hike to Tuvkhun and drive to Kharkhorin, visit Erdenezuu Monastery and Kharkhorin Museum

    Today, we hike to the Tuvkhun monastery nested below the summit of Mt. Shiveet Ulaan. Constructed in 1653 and known as the 'Land of Happy Solitude', the monastery served as a meditation refuge and smith shop of a prominent Buddhist leader of Mongolia who dedicated his life to spreading Buddhism in Mongolia in the 17th century. As a direct descendant of Chinggis Khaan's royal bloodline, he played a decisive role in deciding the nation's fate during the most important phase of its history, when Mongolia lost its independence after two centuries of internal turmoil. We then drive to Kharkhorin town where the 3rd son of Genghis Khan built the capital of the Mongol Empire in early 13th. Its time of glory lasted for only a few decades until it was ravaged by Chinese Min Dynasty troops in late 14th century. Today the main attraction here is the monastery museum of Erdene Zuu established in 16th century by a Mongol khan as part of introduction of Buddhism as the main religion. The monastery then suffered almost a complete destruction during the anti-religion campaigns of 1930-ies with just a dozen of temples surviving till present. Spend some time in the peaceful premises of the monastery and take a glance at a few surviving artifacts of the old capital. You may as well walk the earthen hillocks nearby that still contain remains of the imperial capital. And finally visit the new Karakorum museum - a fantastic collection of artifacts and of historical data that has continually been replenished by new findings and discoveries. Tonight, we will stay in a cozy ger camp

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Ger Camp
  • Drive to Khustai National Park, cycle in the National Park to see wildlife

    This morning, we drive to Khustai National Park. Over 3 decades ago a small number of the last remaining wild horses known as “Przewalski horses" were brought from several European zoos and re-introduced to their historic homeland after they had been exterminated in the wild in the mid-20th century. Arguably, it is the most successful wildlife preservation project ever implemented in Mongolia with over 400 wild horses free roaming in the wilderness having to withstand predators and harsh climate. Impressively, the park is also home to 220 species of birds, 1500 Red deer, and 20,000 marmots. On arrival, we leisurely cycle through lush grassy valleys alternated by rocky ridges that shelter patches of birch growth to see wild horses, Red deer, marmots, and birdlife including Golden Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Upland Buzzard, Saker Falcon, and various smaller falcons. Overnight in a visitor camp run by the park

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Ger Camp
  • Drive to Terelj National Park, hike in the National Park

    Meaning rhododendron, the Terelj national park is a vast mountain bowl dotted with rock formations of spectacular shapes, quite often named after things they resemble. This is a perfect venue for outdoor activities and a popular destination for holidaymakers. Today, we hike along the brim of the west Terelj ridge and enjoy splendid birds-eye views of the mountain bowl dotted with rock formations of weird shapes, quite often named after things they resemble. At the end of the hike, we visit a charming Buddhist temple located on a steep slope. We spend another night in the tranquility of the ger camp

    • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • Ger Camp
  • Drive to Ulaanbaatar

    Today, we travel back to Ulaanbaatar where you will be dropped off at your hotel. Take the rest of the day at your own leisure for souvenir and cashmere shopping. Meet back your guide for the farewell dinner in the evening

    • Breakfast, Dinner
    • Hotel
  • Departure

    It’s time to say goodbye to Mongolia. You will be transferred to Ulaanbaatar airport for your journey home

    • Breakfast