Mongolian Cycling Day Trip

Mongolian Cycling Day Trip

  • Duration:
    Day trip
  • Price:
    95 $
  • Group Size:
    1-6 persons
  • Difficulty Rating:


A perfect cycling day trip that combines active fun and exploration of Mongolia’s rural landscape that is home to nomadic herders. It can be added as a meaningful extension to any other tour or fill a gap in your travel plans.


  • Unobstructed experience of traditional lifeway scenes of Mongolia
  • Visit to the mounted statue of Genghis Khaan
  • Easy and adaptable biking route
  • Advanced quality mountain bikes


  • Tour description

    You will be picked up from your place in Ulaanbaatar and driven to the giant mounted statue of Chinggis Khaan. While bikes are being tuned, you can optionally ascend to an observation deck on the horse’s head to enjoy a panoramic view of the vast steppe. The cycling route lies across wooded hillsides and open valleys of the Baga Khenty mountains. You can cycle at your own pace on peaceful country roads and catch a glimpse of a life that has seemingly not changed for a few hundred years. Large herds of yaks, sheep, and goats roam the area and circular tents of local herders can be seen from time to time. Picnic lunch will be served at the day’s highest point (1750m) with a lush meadow and wooded slopes as the backdrop. The rest of the day is a gentle roll across an open valley with many nomadic homes dotting the scenery. By 5 pm we load bikes and take a 2-hour return transfer back to Ulaanbaatar.

    • Lunch
    • 50km, +740m