Grassland Panorama - 3 days

Grassland Panorama - 3 days

  • Duration:
    3 days
  • Price:
    345 $
  • Group Size:
    2-6 persons
  • Difficulty Rating:
    Easy to moderate


The cycling tour is a leisurely exploration of Khan Khenty strictly protected area which marks the southernmost tip of Siberia and is covered with pine and cedar forests. This 2mln hectare region is home to all typical animals of Siberia: from squirrels and sables to bears and deer. The tour offers the inmost access to raw natural beauty as well as close insight into the life of nomadic herders. Significantly, in this very part of Mongolia, Genghis Khan was born, grew up, and ascended his throne 800 years ago.


  • Enjoy the raw beauty of Khenty strictly protected area
  • Observe the daily life of modern nomads
  • Well-planned and tested biking route
  • Overnights in tranquil natural locations
  • Advanced quality mountain bikes


  • Bike to Tuul river

    A 1.5-hour car transfer east of Ulaanbaatar brings you to Genghis Khan’s 40-meter mounted statue signifying the gateway to his homeland. While bikes are being readied take a panoramic view of the surrounding steppe and mountains from an observation deck on the horse's head. We then start riding along the Tuul River, a major river that empties into lake Baikal in Russia. We cycle across rolling hills and lush meadows with some wooded mountains as a backdrop. Invariably we ride on smooth car tracks, at times slightly sandy and at times muddy depending on how much rain had fallen. As you bike you will catch a glimpse of a life that has seemingly not changed for a few hundred years. Large flocks of yaks, sheep, and goats roam the area and circular tents of local herders can be seen from time to time. This morning as a warm-up we have a few insignificant uphills and after lunch climb up to a wooded pass at 1887m. The effort is rewarded by spectacular views over wide valleys and forested mountains and a long descent to the Tuul river bank. Here we erect our tents and take a shower before dinner.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Tent
    • Distance 47km, + 737m
  • Bike to Bayangol valley

    The whole of the morning we ride upstream along the Tuul river on smooth but at times muddy tracks. A few small stream crossings lie on your way. Around lunchtime, we reach the highest point of the day. After lunch, we enjoy a long downhill followed by a 20km easy roll across a wide valley that will bring us to our 2nd campsite. Today we will satisfy your curiosity by stopping at a nomadic family tent and introducing you to the “whats, hows, and whys” of Mongolian nomads.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Tent
    • Distance 49km, +632m
  • Bike to open grassland

    Last cycling day. Again, we take easy ups and downs across the grassland. We will serve a snack stop nearby some granite boulders as a backdrop before taking the highest climb of the tour at 1830meters above sea level. Weather permitting, we have lunch at the top of the pass and enjoy great panoramic views of Mongolian steppe land. A 3km steep descent is ridden by rainwater ditches so use your breaks!!! When at the bottom of the descent we roll for another 20km across grassland with no significant ascents. Here we load bikes and take a 2-hour return transfer back to Ulaanbaatar and to your accommodation.

    • Breakfast, lunch
    • Distance 35km, +470m