Khustai National Park Cycle Tour - 4 days

Khustai National Park Cycle Tour - 4 days

  • Duration:
    4 days
  • Price:
    970 $
  • Group Size:
    2-6 persons
  • Difficulty Rating:


This is an active exploration of the Khustai national park, home to the last surviving wild horses. The 50 thousand hectares of grassy hills alternated with rugged mountains became home not only to the horses of Przewalski but to many other endangered wild animals. The park was designated as a special reserve 3 decades ago, and today has proved an example of thoughtful nature conservation. Multiple initiatives for creating viable economic opportunities were implemented in cooperation and for the benefit of the local population who freed their pastures for the preservation of wild animals. Eco-tourism became the core of the successful project which today became a natural nursery from where wild horses, red deer, and marmots are periodically reintroduced in other parts of the country. The cycling tour route lies along the peripheries of the park, yet offers a marvelous experience of pristine lands and unique wildlife.


  • Bike across lush grassy hills and vast open steppe
  • Amuse yourself by sighting free-roaming wild horses, deer, and marmots
  • Behold boundless grasslands trodden by hooves of thousands of horses
  • Ride horseback across lush steppes in the company of nomads
  • Befriend nomadic people and learn about their ancient culture


  • Travel to Khustai national park, wildlife watching excursion on bikes

    Meet with your guide and travel to the Khustai Natural reserve. Here, in 1993 a small number of Mongolian wild horses also known as “Przewalski horses" were reintroduced to their historic habitat from European zoos to allow them to breed in the genuine wilderness. Today the project is rightfully recognized as one of the most fruitful wildlife preservation efforts not only in Mongolia but also globally, with over 400 wild horses, 1500 red deer, and sizable populations of gazelles, wild mountain sheep, and other wild animals roaming the grassy hills and rugged mountains in the park. On arrival, we mount bikes pedal leisurely to a designated spot to watch wildlife. Apart from large mammals, we can watch a multitude of marmots and birds of prey. Overnight in a comfortable holiday camp comprised of felt-covered Mongolian yurts.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Yurt
  • Cycling and wildlife watching

    Today we cycle the grassy hills along the national park’s periphery enjoying an undulated route that allows exciting climbs and downhills. The cycling pace is relaxed and there is a good chance of spotting wildlife including wild horses, red deer, marmots, black vultures, black kites, and flocks of partridges. Tonight, you will stay in some plain wooden cabins in a secluded valley where you can climb neighboring hills on foot to spot more wildlife. Located off-grid the camp is an amazing place for stargazing. High altitude and dry air ensure a perfect clarity of the sky that lights with myriads of stars at night.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Cabins
  • Cycling tour of Tuul river valley

    Wake up listening to the sounds of awakening nature. After breakfast, we descend to a wide-open grassland across which winds a massive river. For the rest of the day, we cycle on flat ground along the riverside enjoying views of the boundless steppe dotted with mushroom-like tents of nomadic herders and their immense flocks of sheep, goats, cattle, and horses. Halfway through the day, we stop at an ancient ritual site of the Turkic Empire, nomadic people who dominated the grasslands of Asia between 6-8 centuries AD. Learn interesting facts and findings of their history and continue cycling to a nomadic family where you will be hosted for the night. Staying with Mongolian nomads will give a unique insight into the way of living which hasn’t changed for millennia.

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
    • Yurt
  • Optional horseback riding, return to Ulaanbaatar

    Although only 14 hands tall, Mongolian horses are strong and sure-footed. They listen to simple commands and can confidently carry you on any terrain. Accompanied by a guide, ride in the grassland and feel the freedom of traveling in the land without fences. After lunch, we drive back to Ulaanbaatar where you will be dropped off at your place.

    • Breakfast, lunch